Teaching Computers and Technology

Welcome to my blog about  technology in education.

I am a brand new teacher, but oddly enough, have been writing about technology in education (about tablets, higher-ed, and robotics) and have been engaged in teaching projects for a few years.

My official title is Computer Teacher, but I re-positioned my class as a Computer and Technology Lab. For good reason. Teaching Computers is not what I am after. Computers in education has to be more than the stuff about hardware, I did not want to limit my lessons to ‘tool literacy.’

Technology in education is a more about social impacts, ‘media’ literacy, digital learning applications, and asynchronous learning.

As a ‘computer and technology’ teacher, my class is more than a space where students simply come to type out reports or skim topics on a search engine. Any room with an internet-connected PC could cater to that need. I plan to teach them about magnetism, search engines, animation, podcasting, and much more. Animation is more than cool transitions in PowerPoint. Digital Story-telling is more than a bunch of slides set to a soundtrack. You get the point!

My goal is to open their world to science and technology through the portals of industrial robotics, space exploration, social media, and the humanities. In this approach –the S-T-E-M areas are broadening and are deeper than we thought two years ago, when it became the rage– the computer is just a means, not the end.

This blog is intended to be a record of that journey.


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