On teaching digital photography to point-and-click set

I included digital photography into my lesson plans for the last two weeks –for  3rd grade students.

I am looking for suggestions from other teachers who may be teaching a photography class to young grades. I know I am up against the point-and-shoot mindset. Cameras now require us to do less and less. I want to show my students that creativity takes a little more time. Those of us who started with film (who remembers that!) know the value of composition and lighting. So here are my questions:

  • Does it matter today for young people to understand the subtleties of f-stop and aperture settings?
  • Will the apps world turn every photograph into a work of art? The Instagram-ization of digital photography, so to speak

This reflection by Emmy award-winning photographer, Richard Herandez is food for thought:

Photo apps won’t magically give Jane the smartphone photographer a better sense of composition, or lighting, or framing. The apps and filters only change a photo’s look and aesthetic feel. That doesn’t make it a better photo. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

But someone needs to teach them the ‘act of magic’ that takes place between selecting one’s subject and clicking the button.

How would you do it? Please leave your comments here. You could also email me your suggestions, or tweet me.


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