Student outshines Obama as 2012 Person Of The Year

This month, with the spotlight on the attack of innocent children in their classrooms, it is fitting to recognize the other student who was targeted by gunmen, for standing up to her rights to education.

Malala Yousafzai was like any other student, with her Harry Potter bag, love of books, popcorn, and attending after-school tuition classes. She also stood up to the force of evil in her country that attempts to deprive young girls of education. She was shot in the head and survived the attack of October 9th, 2012

Beside Barack Obama, awarded Time magazine’s Person of the Year, she looms larger. In her speeches, amazingly articulate ( no teleprompter in sight!) for a 14 year old at that time, and in her blog, she courageously stood for what so many students take for granted.

Time is good at stirring up controversy over its covers, especially the Person of the Year issues. Having worked with the media, I understand why they do this. But this is a sad, missed opportunity. They barely covered the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary in this issue, probably saving up the material for their next issue.

Shame on Time for eclipsing a student with someone who’s got too much media coverage anyway.


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