Audio Time Capsule for Digital Learning day

“So what’s your story?” I ask my students. It’s a non-intimidating way of getting them to share an idea; a conversation starter.

For Digital Learning Day my project is on digital storytelling. It will be my digital time capsule, so to speak. I got my students all prepped up, based on my classes on microphones and sound.

My experiment with 1st graders has shown me that the tried and tested ‘story prompt’ isn’t the best solution. And so, I’m going to use my old podcasting trick –embed the microphone and practically hide it. I used to do a bit of podcasting in my previous career, and it never ceased to amaze me about the impact of a piece of hardware on conversations.  (Whoever said that technology is best when it is invisible was right on the money.)

How does a teacher get these ‘voices on’? I’m going to find out, I guess!

By some coincidence, Story Corps is in the Phoenix area, via our local NPR station KJZZ, for the next few weeks. The StoryCorps project has an interesting collection of stories on a National Teachers Initiative.


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