New Class encourages engagement, conversations

Over spring break I had my class reconfigured.

It’s been eight months since I took up the position of teaching computers and technology at Salt River Elementary School.

Angelo Fernando

Old Configuration

The first thing that struck me was how inadequate the classroom experience was, (left) with computers facing each other and sometimes, the teacher.

We know from research what engaged learning involves.

Angelo Fernando - SRPMIC

New Configuration

The new configuration, as you can see here (right) is, or course, conference-style.

I  write about and speak out about engagement and conversations, so this is more than an experiment. This is how young people live – in constant communication and engagement. We are used to habit of keeping students quiet –to zip it up and listen. This doesn’t work for me, and what I teach.

I also teach robotics, as I have mentioned before. The whole thrust in robotics is teamwork and collaboration. Therefore the large robotics table, dead center in my classroom, is on purpose. When not used as a robotics table, it is the demo area for science, technology and engineering – for conversations!


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