My Upcoming Book: “Chat Republic”

It’s official. I’m now ready to announce the title of my upcoming book. It’s called Chat Republic. I’m planning to launch it in June.

Angelo Fernando, Chat RepublicThe book is the crystallization of work I’ve done covering the intersection of technology & business / technology & culture for more than 20 years.

Now, as a teacher I see digital media in a whole new perspective. Chat Republic is packed with interviews with thought-leaders, businesses strategists, media practitioners and content creators. The chapters take on issues such as ‘media snacking,’ crowd-sourcing, information overload and engagement are no less relevant to education.

Chat Republic is not a fictional country. It’s the world our children live in as well –those conversation spaces they learn to operate in, and will take over in just a few short years.

I just reconfigured my computer and technology lab to encourage just this: Conversation!

No ‘sage on stage’ in my tiny republic!

For more updates on the book check out my other blog:


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