My school, one of 7 selected for Helios STEM award

It’s been a  great year to be in science and technology.

My school, Salt River Elementary, was reently selected as one of the seven schools to receive the Helios STEM School Pilot program. According to the SFAz press release:

Seven sites will receive a total of $1.85 million in financial and technical support to implement STEM programs and activities during the next three years.

Helios (an education foundation), and the Arizona STEM Network (led by the Science Foundation of Arizona) will assist our school with Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

The focus is largely on Science, Tech, Engineering and Math – or S-T-E-M.

I’ve been pouring over the Next Gen Science Standards, (NGSS) and find two points in sync with what I try to do in my class:

‘Cross-cutting Concepts.’ We need to focus on how different strands of knowledge intersect, despite the fact that students see classes (and therefore subjects taught in each class) as siloed.

The ‘Systemic’ Approach. Connected to the multi-disciplinary approach, NGSS makes a god point on bringing out the “‘artificial boundary” between what’s being studied.  In other words, looking at how whole systems interact.


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