Teachers who podcast, Principals who blog

I’ve been a podcasting fan for as long as podcasting was around, I suppose – at least from the days of Adam Curry, referred to as the ‘podfather’ in some tech circles.

When I took up teaching, I kept saying it was time we started deepening what we teach in computer class. Instead of dwelling on the usual suspects – Powerpoint, Photoshop, Excel etc– we ought to teach kids what they might dabble in in the real world of collaboration. This included the use of analytics, and media monitoring dashboards, creating and publishing their own podcasts, and content curation, to pick a few.

So it’s been a pleasant surprise to discover that there are teachers who have taken to some of these tools –though you never see a story about it in the popular press.

There are even many principals who blog, and tweet… A few good starting points:

Related note: My school’s just getting into a content publishing platform. If there’s no podcasting feature built-in, I’ve got some tools to get started.


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