War on “drug” (also the ugly skirmish between “bring” and “Take”)

Does it make you cringe when you came across folks saying “brung”? How about “drug” as the past tense of drag. My other pet peeve is the use of “bring” when someone means “take.” How hard s it to figure out that one “takes’ something away, and brings something toward?

How do these oddities creep in? If you are to tell me this is accepted speech, then we are surely being “drugged” to the edge of the very slippery slope. You may have heard that so-called “initialisms” such as OMG and LOL have entered the Oxford English Dictionary.

If there is one common core issue in language that needs to be addressed it’s how we start raising the bar when it comes to descriptive language. As I have noted here and elsewhere, I have outlawed two words in my class: “thing” and “stuff.” This is not just  language arts concern. Even in my robotics program, I have to stress the use of a good vocabulary,

Yesterday I ran into a parent who was bristling that Common Core was ‘dumbing down’ standards. This kind of reaction to change is to be expected, though myopic; it does sound a lot like Fox News talking points. But where’s the rage against sloppy vocab?

But for now, having seen a grown-up use the word, I am waging a war on “drug.”


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