“If Not For Books, We’d Be Cavemen”

We just had a visit form a celebrated author, Joe Brown in our school.

He’s the author of the The Flights of Marceau, published by Scholastic.

What an amazing story, of an author who had been trapped in a body of a lawyer for some 50 years, and turned to writing at (get ready for this) 70!

I loved one of his quips, when asked if he always liked books. “Without books, we’d all be cavemen,” he said.

Joe Brown - Visit to Salt River Elementary SchoolThe book he read (and presented to each student) was “Race To The Rescue,” about Marceau the cab driver’s adventure (um, imagination) of how he got involved in animal rescue during Hurricane Katrina.

Joe had one big message for students. “Your teachers,” he said, “will tell you to read, read, read. I would tell you that while reading is very important, you must also learn to write, write, write!”

he urged students to take notes of the little things they observe, and the ideas that pop into their heads. “You never know where those ideas, and your imagination will take you!”

Joe says he plans to write a book each year. Can’t wait to see what the next in the Marceau series will bring!


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