Lesson Plan for Winter Olympics + Digital Learning Day!

We have a lucky collusion of events next week.

We have been planning to celebrate Digital Learning Day on the 5th Feb., but now that the winter Olympics is also getting started at the end of the week, we might be able to tie these two events together.

A fellow teacher in the Dysart Elementary school in El Mirage tipped me to a site that could let students collaborate in a mind-map sort of way, and I experimented with it using content around the Olympics.

Here’s a sneak preview below.

Padlet - Digital Learning Day, Salt River Elementary

The website is called Padlet, and it has the look and feel of Glogster, but in a less distracting way.
I particularly like how it lets you export the content in a variety of ways – from PDF to QR code, to an embed link – as you see below.

What’s neat with Embed Codes is that, should I update the the page it the code is pulling from (in this case Padlet, and my Olympics-related content), that latest version gets pulled into this post.

View it herehttp://padlet.com/wall/m2iy0fn1fy

As for how we could use the QR Code, that opens a slew of possibilities, doesn’t it?


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