U.S. Olympian, Sean Smith’s message: “Dream big, and stay in school”


Sean Smith had a lot to share, outside of his favorite Olympic activity, Moguls.

The twists and spins he had to master to be on the U.S. team took a lot of practice, and was hard work. But the truth is, he said, that event just took 20 seconds! To put it another way, you train all your life for those 20 seconds.

Students asked many questions, directly to camera, and via text messaging, and email, while the Olympian was on the big screen – a UStream feed, projected onto a Promethean board in the music room.

James Schaaf, Sean Smith

Using Facetime and UStream to ask a question

Sean’s main message to Salt River Elementary students was to set goals. Saying “I want to fly” is not realistic, he said. Set goals that are achievable. “But you have to dream, and dream really big!”

Sean Smith - Olympic Skier

“Today, my goal is to have fun, to help people, and to smile every day.” Sean Smith


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