Sneaking Apps into the classroom

This might be the year when we deploy brand new devices and apps in the classroom.

Let me rephrase that.

This will be the year when we experiment with many ‘ed-tech’ apps in my class. 

The boundaries between a STEM curriculum, and one that lets children tinker with ‘media’ have blurred. I am lucky to have a very supportive IT and Technology Integration team, so I can see us diving into the deep end of Ed-Tech very soon.(In case you’re wondering, Ed-Tech is technology-speak for Education Technology)

Speaking of which, I ran into some amazing teachers at an conference in Atlanta this summer. “Creative teachers know how to sneak the really good stuff into their classroom,” said one teacher, who summed up for all of us what we try to make content more relevant and engaging with  zero or near zero budget.

I’m learning some of the best-kept secrets of equipping a class on the cheap. Apart from the hardware, there are the free apps such as Aurasma (pictured above), DoceriReflector, and Qrafter that I plan to introduce to my students. 


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