7 Pillars For Digital Learning For Schools

I watched a recording of a webinar by Eric Sheninger, a principal of a New Jersey school, who happens to be a big advocate of digital technologies in education.

His big point on Digital Leadership (“Changing Paradigms for Changing Times”) was that schools should mirror or parallel the real world.

If you’re a student or parent reading this, I hope you visit (or have visited) the Computer & Technology Lab, where I try to do just that. I’m cognizant of the fact that the ‘computers’ my students will use in less than a decade, won’t even look like the ones we work on today! (Consider: What if computers not only shrink to the size of cell phones, but become invisible, yet ubiquitous?)

Sheninger has a list of seven pillars we need to have in this new model of digital leadership

1. Communications
2. Public Relations
3. Branding
4. Professional Growth
5. Student Engagement and Learning
6. Learning Environments and Spaces
7. Opportunity

He makes some fascinating observations about our fear of technology. Interestingly, although he is a prolific blogger, he was at one time skeptical about social media!


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