Celebrating International Dot Day

I am excited to be participating in an event that grew out of a book – The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.

The DotNever heard of The Dot? It’s a book about believing in yourself and your own ability to create something. Basically, to be able to leave a mark on this world (and on paper) that is truly unique.

International Dot Day is on Mon, 15 Sept.

To get involved, Nancy Yurek and I are encouraging every class to let students take a dot (a circle) and do something creative with it.

Some broad guidelines, if you are taking part:

  • Use your dot as the base of to create something larger than the circle provided- add other pieces to it!
  • Write something creative inside your dot – Your own ‘Dot story’, a poem, or something funny, 
  • Add cut-outs of pictures of yourself and your family
  • Add other ‘media’ to your dot
  • Paint or draw something 
Our plan is to take this into different aspects of school values.

We plan to:

  • Encourage students to read the book – on Tumblebooks, to which we subscibe
  • ‘Connect the dots,’ literally –on the walls in the hallways
  • Photograph them and create QR Codes for each group of class entries
  • Pick the winning Dot-stories, and feature them at our next school assembly

More about this event will follow. 


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