Slow Down. Not Just For a Day!

A 'loading cat' icon that net neutrality proponents can used to indicate their support for Title II reclassification.Wednesday was –in case you didn’t skim the headlines — National Slowdown Day! A day to bring awareness about who could control the flow if information through the plumbing of the Internet.

Whenever we discuss reading, we talk about the need to slow down. We are fighting the trend where skimming, scrolling, and headline-browsing is becoming the norm. (By the way, there’s a book titled Slow Reading.) We take for granted that with reading comes comprehension, but unless there is ‘absorption time’ no amount of reading time will improve literacy.

Enter something called Close Reading. We have just begun to adopt this as a reading practice for our students at Salt River Elementary. It means encouraging young people to a habit of reading that will ‘uncover layers of meaning.‘  It involves reading and re-reading. Slowing down for more than a day!

Here are two good discussions of Close Reading:



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