Robotics students build, plan missions

A time to build, a time to play..

Until now, since many of this year’s students are new to the FLL program, robotics was something they visualized as a Mars rover, or even… Robonaut

The pace quickly changed once they broke open the plastic bags, and spread out the competition field mat.

The missions this year, based on the 2014 theme, ‘World Class’ is all about knowledge, and sharing information across physical and virtual spaces. The Missions are called:

  • Cloud Access
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Community Tree
  • Communication
  • Outside-The-Box Thinking
  • Door (to knowledge)
  • Changing Conditions
  • Engagement
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Homework
  • Search Engines
  • Senses & Learning Style
  • Robotics

Before they get to light and ultra-sonic sensors, they find out the need to measure, revise, re-think, reverse-engineer, and most importantly work in teams.


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