“Technology is Not The Answer”

You might be surprised to see me talk about this topic here.

I am a computer and technology advocate, but I also believe that technology is meant to serve us, not the other way around. For this reason I often make it a point to tell students that coming to a computer lab doesn’t mean that they automatically get in front of a screen.

There are alternative ways to teach technology literacy, minus the screen, and we try some of these approaches here.

But I want to point to a great thought-provoking piece titled “Technology is Not The Answer : A Student’s Perspective” that was published in Education Week in October this year.

The author, a high-school junior makes us want to pause in the “rush to expand educational technology” while inviting many distractions to students. He cites examples of where students need to develop personal relationships, and not just on-screen button-pushing skills. These games, and so-called interactive experiences attempt to reward students with ‘thumbs-up’ motivations. Much of these don’t teach the broader experience that Ed-tech is supposed to promote, he says.

Definitely worth a read. 


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