Learning from Steve Jobs – Content for your recording

Students seem to be getting truly excited about creating their mini radio shows, using a microphone and Audacity software.

For content, I give them a rudimentary script, to fill in, and improvise. This week, I’m telling them to consider ‘anniversary’ events as talking point. For instance, the launch of iPod Shuffle, 10 years ago, on Jan 11th, 2005.

If you are a student,there’s a lot to learn from Steve Jobs, whose presentation skills were extraordinary. Listen to how he works up the crowd, and keeps them waiting for that “One more thing.”
Fast forward to 1:35, and see what I mean.

  • He uses words like “noodled on it” (where someone else would have used “we researched it”)
  • He introduces a few unexpected pauses, and slows down and speeds up suddenly
  • He uses visual description – comparing the iPod Shuffle to a pack of gum, and contrasting it with coins

Notice how he also stays away from big words, using words like “easy”, “simple,” “thing,” etc. (And yet, peppering his presentation with keywords!)

I bet if this was not available on video, we would still listen to it.


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