Mars Day Program – Permanent Home on Salt River Website

Proud to see that we have a permanent home now for some of our major programs on our Salt River Elementary School website. There is the STEM program, which takes many shapes and forms, filtering into robotics, for instance.

The page title says something about what it’s all about: Next Stop, Mars!

But since we have a few year’s worth of Mars Day activities behind us. I got together with Lori Diab, and she created this marvelous space on our site. (The video works on the Firefox browser, but not on Chrome or Explorer for some reason. We are working on that end!)

It contains:

  • Links to past activities
  • Scientists who have been involved
  • Winners of competitions
  • Organizations supporting Mars Day
  • Media reports

Kody Ensley, at Johnson Space Center, who spoke to our students in 2012. Seen here working on Robonaut-2.


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