Young ‘Makers’ – Starting With Kindergarten!

Yesterday I began experimenting with a ‘Maker’ class in the computer Lab.

Simple Machines - Final Product 3I have been inspired by the Maker Movement, and its role in promoting STEM, and begun connecting with people at ASU and HeatSync Labs in Mesa, AZ about this. In fact, next week I take my robotics team on a field trip to HeatSync Labs.

But yesterday I threw a challenge to a first grade class, having given them a short introduction to two simple machines – the lever and the wheel.

First, they had to use paper and pencil. Next I divided them into groups, and they had to work their designs into the group project.

Here are some of the ‘machines’ they came up with.

Simple Machines - Final Product 5 - ValenciaThe table on which they are set, is the ‘earthquake machine‘ we built for STEM Night. It’s deliberately sitting out here in the class as a point of reference, being a ‘simple machine.’

Next week, they get to the computers to write up something on their designs.


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